Data Visualization

Data Visualization is a graphic presentation of information. It combines communication, data science and design. The main goal of Data Visualization is not to make data more attractive, although it does so, but to allow users to come up with hidden conclusions in the data, presenting key aspects in a more intuitive and meaningful way.

Visualization allows decision-makers to quickly and easily understand complex concepts, identify new patterns and better understand data itself. With the existing technologies and available tools, the data concept can be raised to a higher level of interactive charts that enable “drilling-down” to reveal more detail. Data Visualization tools and techniques offer new approaches for improving the ability of people to understand information that is hidden in the data itself. Visualization is an asset by which we create complex analytics and it is often a key step in the process of analyzing a business problem because it presents the data in an easily understandable way.

How does Data Visualization contribute to the organization:

  • Data Visualization allows the user to receive and process a large number of information from a set of data and provides new ways for interpreting and understanding data using rich graphics presentations. Many organizations today use visualization as a key part of marketing and market communications presenting data in an easily comprehensive way to different stakeholders.
  • Identification and visualization of relationships and patterns have become a key advantage in many organizations. The ability to make this kind of correlation allows stakeholders to identify the problem root cause and allow them to act quickly to solve it, thus bringing significant savings to the organization.
  • Data Visualization is also a great way to tell a story. Organizations that generate large amounts of data about their users use a graphic presentation to share information about interesting conclusions. In this way, organizations translate ownership data into a powerful marketing content.

Power BI

Power BI is a set of business analytics tools for data analysis and information sharing. Power BI reports provide business users with a complete overview of the business in one place, updated in real-time and available on all devices. With one click, the user can get information on key business indicators and make better decisions based on them. A large number of available visualizations and continuous improvement of integration with other members of the Microsoft family is what makes the Power BI tool a complete BI solution.


Tableau is the leader among the tools for data visualization, reporting and analysis. It allows users to quickly create interactive reports to easily spot trends and hidden data patterns that allow companies to cut costs, correct shortcomings, and increase business volume. The ease and intuitive operation with Tableau enable employees who do not have the technical knowledge to access data and build reports themselves and use their expert knowledge in operations analysis. Tableau is capable of integrating a large number of different data sources, which also distinguishes it from the competition and sets it as a leader in the growing data analysis industry.

Oracle BI

Oracle Business Intelligence Data Visualization enables users to quickly and easily detect trends, templates, and correlations in data that would otherwise go unnoticed in traditional static reports and tables. Oracle Data Visualization, although easy to use, is a powerful tool for advanced visualization and data analysis. With it, it is possible to present complex data in a meaningful way that will be easy for users to understand. Oracle’s accumulated multidimensional experience in the business intelligence domain garnered a quality product that will satisfy even the most demanding users. What distinguishes Oracle’s solution is stability, quality, security, a large number of available visualizations and data sources as well as integration with OBIEE.

Visualization provides the opportunity to understand data.

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