What do I get with a job in IN2?

An opportunity to learn
The expertise of our employees is our greatest advantage over our competition. That’s why our software engineers go through a detailed training program and education from the start. We encourage employees to seek development both inside and outside the office.
A dynamic and pleasant work environment
There is always something going on and we are constantly on the move. IN2 team spirit is visible every day – through the exchange of ideas, work methods, and knowledge, we constantly develop both our business and our employees. Their number is constantly growing and each of our new members has an opportunity to participate in the further development of IN2 company with their unique contribution.
A challenging job
Considering the wide range of business solutions IN2 develops and implements for very different clients, the projects we work on are truly quite diverse. The challenges we face are also diverse and they require creativity and innovation, which makes it possible for us to have a constant professional growth and development.
Flexible working hours
We want our employees to do bring their best to work. We know that this is possible by allowing them to have the flexibility of how and when they work. Moreover, we believe that the work should be fun. We want our people to rejoice at the office and create such a positive environment.
Constant investment into employees' development
Opportunities for professional growth and development in IN2 are truly numerous and diverse – whether it’s expert certification, learning new technologies, specialization, attending conferences, attending courses and seminars, internal education – we constantly invest into our employees.
Compensation schemes
Your engagement will be recognized and appropriately rewarded in IN2.

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If you are innovative, driven by the result and a team player, join our company and we will offer you a dynamic and rewarding future. We offer practical and full-time jobs for students and recent graduates. Whether you previously had work experience, we are always looking for quality people who are committed to excellence, innovation, learning and achieving goals. If you want to work with us, fill out this application form for job or practice in IN2.