Choosing a standard business solution, such as products from the MS Dynamics family, allows each organization to rely on the best and world-recognized standards. The world’s largest software manufacturer, Microsoft, has hundreds of thousands of users of MS Dynamics technology and provides users with a high level of quality and security that the product will continuously improve and be constantly supported.

IN2, a corporation that has been implementing business software for more than 25 years, has accumulated experience in the regional business environment and professionals who easily adapt the standard solution to the specificities of our legislation and our business practices.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is designed for all companies that want a reliable and fully integrated solution that will ensure the automation and standardization of a company’s business processes. A wide range of functionality and great flexibility ensure that this solution is successfully implemented in all industries, as well as in companies of different sizes, complexities and modes of operation.

The experience our team possesses in various business areas guarantees the success in implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions.

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Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX, an integrated solution for business processes management and control, offers a wide range of functionalities. They cover complex processes and business operations in large enterprises and holding companies.

This top quality Microsoft Dynamics ERP product is deployed in numerous companies from different industries and business branches.

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