Methodology of implementation

The success of the project implementation of business software depends on several factors. Among them is the knowledge and experience of the partners and the implementation methodology used in the process of establishment of an information system.  Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step methodology is an approved methodology of Microsoft, which ensures that each project implementation of Microsoft Dynamics solutions is completed on time, within budget and within the planned requirements of the client. Sure Step methodology clearly defines project phases, processes, key moments and levels of participation of users. It includes the following phases:

  • Diagnostics (analysis of situation)
  • Analysis
  • Design of solutions
  • Development of solutions
  • The introduction of solutions
  • The start of work in a productive environment

AX Business Analysis

Business analysis within Microsoft Dynamics AX provides a rapid transformation of data from the main ledger into specific knowledge and strategic action. Business Analysis in Microsoft Dynamics AX includes among else:

  • Business analysis
  • Financial analysis (FRx)
  • Definition, production and overview of cube data


Marketing within Microsoft Dynamics AX consolidates information about customers, suppliers and contacts, thus ensuring the efficient establishment and implementation of a marketing plan. Marketing module in Microsoft Dynamics AX includes among else:

  • Managing relationships with customers
  • Monitoring the implementation of marketing activities and projects
  • Managing campaigns across different channels
  • Creation of questionnaires and surveys
  • Telemarketing


Projects module within Microsoft Dynamics AX is intended for project management, primarily project accounting. It provides a complete financial overview, control and integration with modules Sale, Purchase, Inventory and Finance. Projects module in Microsoft Dynamics AX includes among else:

  • Budget planning
  • Definition of phases and activities
  • Monitoring and control of implementation
  • Cost control
  • Resource management
  • Detailed reporting and analysis


Production within Microsoft Dynamics AX enables production processes management, control of distribution of resources and capacities and an efficient cost analysis. Production module in Microsoft Dynamics AX includes among else:

  • Entry of production items
  • Management of production orders
  • Cooperation with subcontractors
  • Production Planning
  • Control of expenses
  • Management of resources and capacities
  • Management of production routes
  • Management of workshops


Inventory within the Microsoft Dynamics AX ensures the necessary flexibility in terms of management of inventory, it supports forecasting, classification and monitoring of stock and enables efficient creation and management of BOM. Inventory Module of Microsoft Dynamics AX involves among else:

  • Forecasting
  • Dimensions of stock
  • ABC analysis
  • Management of BOM
  • Support to bar-code readers
  • Serial numbers and batch numbers
  • Registration, reception and storage
  • Access to data in real time via WiFi or GPRS technology
  • Extraction and delivery


Procurement within the Microsoft Dynamics AX enables the establishment of procedures and the control of the procurement processes. In addition to uniting the list of suppliers, contracts and all the other documents, as well as information about the ordered products or services, the module enables analysis of expenses and the performance of each supplier. Procurement module in Microsoft Dynamics AX includes among else:

  • Record and management of information about suppliers
  • Terms and methods of payment
  • Pricelists
  • Discount on the order and the total amount of the invoice
  • Requests for offers, orders, bills of lading, invoices
  • Planning of procurement
  • Analysis and reports


Sale within the Microsoft Dynamics AX is intended for sales personnel provides easy bid management and sales initiatives. The module stores customer information, documentation, phases and activities, providing control and optimization of the entire sales cycle. Sale module in Microsoft Dynamics AX includes among else:

  • Record and customer information management
  • Terms and methods of payment
  • Sales price lists and discounts
  • Tracking sales records: offer, order, delivery note, invoice, refund, etc.
  • International trade

  • Access data across different devices at any time
  • Analysis and reports


Finance module within Microsoft Dynamics AX automates the management of the financial processes of a company, allowing at the same time monitoring of transactions, and it makes current information available and provides detailed financial statements. Finance module in Microsoft Dynamics AX involves among else:

  • Main ledger
  • Treasury
  • Demands
  • Debts
  • Accounting entry among various companies
  • Consolidation
  • Cost Accounting
  • Basic resources


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Service enables planning, monitoring and analysis of service operations and a comprehensive overview of expenses and revenues. The module provides access to service contracts, price of service and service history. Service Management module in Microsoft Dynamics AX includes among else:

  • Service contracts
  • Objects of servicing
  • BOM patterns
  • Service orders
  • Management of repairs
  • Integration with project accounting
  • Planning of periodic servicing

Web Shop

AX web shop is a specialized B2B and B2C online portal, fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX solution. The portal is integrated with the company’s information system from which it takes all the necessary information about stock, documents, prices, credit cards, etc. All the changes are processed at the time, which allows customers the access to always current status.

Within the portal, there are two environments: Administrator’s, through which the display of information is defined and the administration of user accounts and user’s environment, intended for customers. The functionalities offered by the administrator and user environment:

  • Arrangement of advertising banners, set up of informative messages and arrangement of the store contents
  • Opening of new users and blockage of existing ones
  • Overview of statistical information about attendance
  • Security checks for portal access
  • Separated display of new items and items on sale
  • Search of items by multiple criteria (catalog number, name, brand, supplier, category, group, etc.)
  • Insight into stock items
  • Insight into their own analytical card
  • Regular update of information about total debt, accrued and the amount of debt which has not yet arrived
  • Application of price and discount politics from business software
  • Ordering of items from supplier catalogs (aka still inactive items)
  • Information about the stages in which the order is via e-mail
  • Prevention of unwanted intrusion

AX Mobile

AX Mobile provides access to information by phone or tablet, from any place, at any time. The application is an upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics AX and is intended for employees in sales as a help during fieldwork, as well as to warehouse workers to optimize business operations. Its main goal is to provide access to current information in real time by using WiFi or GRPS technology as well as to enable immediate response to customer requirements. AX Mobile for Microsoft Dynamics AX includes among else:

  • Entry and filling in of sales orders
  • Access to business history of a customer
  • Entry of new contacts and information about visits to clients
  • Insight into pricelists and discounts
  • Records of receipt of goods in the system in real time;
  • Storage and transfer of goods between warehouses, zones and racks
  • Optimization of the process of allocation of items
  • Automation of the process of goods delivery

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