Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a world-renowned integrated business information system (ERP system) suitable for small and medium-sized businesses that need to upgrade their operations with the IN2 Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution. The system is economical, easily adaptable to any industry, and designed to meet the specific company needs.

This solution enables resources management and complete business organization for companies from different business areas. Microsoft Dynamics NAV integrates finance, accounting, sales, procurement, inventories, production, marketing, services and reporting into a single IT system.

The advantages of IN2 Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution

As a system with a centralized database and complete integration between business functionalities, Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides an uninterrupted information flow throughout the company, automation and standardization of operations, as well as a tool for monitoring, planning and controlling activities throughout the company. A unique database provides a source of data for real-time reporting, while Microsoft’s “look & feel” makes it easy to get used to and work in the system itself.

Business processes are organized in a way which has never been easier

Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides business standardization through predefined functionalities and business processes. Implementation of the IN2 Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution is a great moment to analyze and improve business processes within the company, taking into account the suggestions of our experts and the best practices that the world-renowned solution proposes.

IN2 certified localization for version NAV2017

IN2 certified localization is a set of functionalities that ensures compliance with the regulations and laws of the Republic of Serbia and the region. Our solution includes all forms and reports, booking schemes and records prescribed by the regulations in Serbia.


Provide yourself with the right solution and organize all processes in your company.

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