What are the benefits of employment in IN2 company?

Learning and self-development
The growth of our employees leads to the growth of the company: their expertise is our biggest asset over the competition. Therefore, our software engineers are from the very beginning to lead through a detailed education and training program. We encourage our employees to seek self-development inside and outside the company.
The dynamic and comfortable work environment
Something is always happening inside the company and we are constantly on the move. The team spirit of IN2 company is visible on a daily basis – by sharing ideas, working methods and knowledge, we develop the business of the company as well as our employees. Our number of employees is continuously growing and each of our new members with, its unique contribution, has the opportunity to participate in the growth of our company.
Challenging and responsible positions
IN2 develops and implements a wide range of business solutions for a variety of clients and industries. This method encourages creativity and innovation in our employees, enabling us to continue professional growth and development.
Flexible working hours
We want our employees to put forth their best efforts at work. We know this is possible by letting them have the flexibility of working time and space. In the company, we believe that work should be fun. We want our people to look forward to coming to the office – that’s why we created a positive work environment.
Investing in employee development
In addition to professional development, new technology learning, specialization, our employees have numerous opportunities to attend conferences and seminars or several types of internal education.
Incentive incomes and benefits
Employee engagement at IN2 company is recognized and adequately rewarded. All of our employees have a private health insurance.

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