Localization of business processes - adaptation to local regulations

Solution suitable for all industries. Modules 365 BC
The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is Microsoft’s standard global solution. A localization for each country provides translations of the user interface in local language, and compliance with accounting, tax and other regulations.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC can be installed on the client’s local IT infrastructure or in private or public cloud. In both cases the implementation methodology is the same – all standard BC modules as well as modules that are part of IN2 localization.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC can also be installed in Microsoft Cloud Azure. In this case, only standard BC modules and Microsoft localization for Serbia (which offers only basic functionalities) are available.

Localization for countries in the region
In addition to functionalities that were developed to meet the requirements of Serbian laws and regulations, the IN2 localization includes other nice-to-have solutions which make using the system much easier. Solutions are very flexible with a wide range of possibilities and are applicable to all neighboring countries.
IN2 useful functionalities
Over the years we came up with a list of options, registers, controls and additional documents that were proven as useful and practical. All these functionalities come up with flexible setup and are easy to use.
IN2 modules
IN2 modules represent a set of functionalities and options which the standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC does not offer but were shown as very helpful and user-friendly over the years of different implementations.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC Localization

IN2 has developed localization for Serbia and countries in the region. Our additions to the standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC enable users to work according to a local set of rules or legislature requests.

The IN2 localization contains a significant number of parameters for modification of pages and reports so that potential changes in local requirements are supported. Almost every functionality can be manually set up which means that users can maintain the database on their own.

Sure Step methodology

The process of implementing the Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC information system is conducted by IN2 in accordance with the Sure Step methodology. The Sure Step methodology is a globally recognized information system implementation methodology that ensures the quality of implementation and the fulfillment of customer requirements.


In addition to implementing information systems, IN2 also provides consulting prior to and throughout the implementation process of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC information system.
The experience of our consultants will help you to optimally define the business processes within the company, as well as to make the most of the functionality of Dynamics 365 BC.

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