Standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC modules

● General Ledger
● Budgets
● G/L register
● Fixed assets
● Account management
● Deferred payments
● Currency
● Control over the sales cycle
● Complete history of previous transactions
● Sales budgets and plans
● Price and rebate policy
● Marketing
● Order management
● Locations
● Transfers
● Ordering and catalogs
● Ordering plan
● Customer requirements
● Warehouse space
● Warehouse costs and inventory management
● Storage space optimization
● Inventory calculation
● Demand forecasting
● Capacity planning
● Manufacturing plants
● Production orders
● Managing different product versions
● Optimal production
● Evaluations
● Jobs
● Resources
● Records of working hours
● Client base management
● Campaigns
● Contacts
● Sales
● Request processing
● Planning and reallocation of available resources
● Service contract management
● Cost control
● Monitoring of service operations
● Planning and timing of service interventions
● Creation of work orders
● Costs of analyzing interventions
● Profitability analysis (enterprises as a whole and individual units)
● Account payables and account receivables analysis, as well as due dates
● Revenue and cost overviews by partners and items
● Profitability by segments, markets, categories or projects
● Revenues and payments per salespersons
● Employees
● Organizational structure
● Work places
● Benefits and work experience
● Multilingual environment
● Additional clarifications
● Integration with Outlook
● Intrastat reporting
● Internal change codes

The IN2 company has developed its own – IN2 modules, which are not included in the standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC solution.

Different business processes need solutions like that. We offer these modules to clients in implementation, and this group includes modules for:

IN2 Payroll Calculation Module

The Payroll Modules – apart from being complex in themselves – vary depending on the market and local regulations. That is the reason why Microsoft does not include this module in its offer as a standard module but rather leaves local partners to develop their own solutions. The IN2 Payroll Module enables users to automate a payroll calculation by:

  • Defining all types of employment contracts and specifying all the conditions contracted with the employee.
  • Systematic records of all data relevant to a payroll calculation.
  • Simple and intuitive payroll calculation process based on monthly parameters, internal rules, and contract defined rules.
  • Automated calculation of a travel expenses and other employee payments.
  • Integration with the general ledger, in terms of posting and payment of earnings.
  • A set of all prescribed forms related to the calculation of payroll, business travel expenses, and other payments calculation.
  • A set of reviews and reports for internal payroll monitoring.

IN2 Quality Management Module

The IN2 Quality Management Module provides the ability to implement a quality control through the information system, both finished products and raw materials for manufacturing companies, as well as materials and goods for distribution companies.

The IN2 Quality Management module enables systematic records and a quality control through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It offers the ability to configure the desired flows of raw materials, goods, and finished products, defining the time when quality control is carried out, responsible persons, documents, tests, conditions for passing the tests and other possibilities, thus ensuring complete control of raw materials, goods, and finished products.

  • Defining desired stock flows.
  • Stock control over the warehouse.
  • Pallet inspection.
  • User rights.
  • Tests.
  • Generate quality control documents.

IN2 Retail Module

IN2 has developed a dedicated module for managing retail store activities through the information system. It is a group of functionality that provides automation of retail transactions, facilitates operation and provides all prescribed forms and reports, as well as integration with retail printers. The IN2 Retail module provides:

  • Simple interface – within these windows, users can easily handle daily retail transactions, without unnecessary options.
  • Store tracking – the module provides intuitive overviews of retail stocks, markets, and retail transactions.
  • Loyalty card capability – within the module it is provided the ability to define different loyalty programs, defined as packages, extra discounts or gifts.
  • Retail sales value posting – the module provides the fully automated posting of transactions in retail stores.
  • Leveling – our retail module provides full leveling automation in case of price changes in the stores.
  • Daily activities – all daily activities in stores are performed in the retail module (printing invoices and cash invoices, the closing of the day, market records, change of shift…).

IN2 module for controlling

Although controlling is often identified with monitoring and controls, the essence of this process is managing the company.

The IN2 Controlling module offers a number of intuitive views and reports, extending of standard options such as budgeting or cash flow prediction, various variants of system alerts and automatically generated e-mails, all with the aim of managing the company as well as possible. Some of module options are:

  • Dedicated reviews – within our module, we have provided a large number of intuitive views / worksheets and dashboards, which make it easier to monitor the situation in the company and managing the company.
  • Improving budgeting – with the standard budget options Microsoft has predicted, we’ve added options that make this functionality much more complex and powerful.
  • System alerts – we have predicted a large number of settings that can regulate the conditions for system notifications, through the information system or e-mail.

IN2 transport and mechanization management module

The main goal of this module is to record all data relevant to the transportation, planning and conducting of the transportation process, as well as internal or external vehicle maintenance. The features our module offers are:

  • Detailed records of all relevant data for transport and mechanization
  • Integration with fixed assets
  • Integration with sales, procurement and inventory modules
  • Transportation planning and distribution
  • Waybill
  • Servicing
  • Integration with travel orders
  • Automatic notifications and alerts

IN2 module for Project management

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC provides a Project management module as standard. This module is of a universal character and allows the entry, processing and monitoring of all types of projects.

As we have often encountered companies that are engaged in planning, implementation and civil engineering, we have made a separate functional unit, which automates these processes, provides additional functionality and capabilities as well as project monitoring reviews and reports. Some of the capabilities of IN2 project module are:

  • Importing of job activities – we have provided a flexible setting method which regulates the layout of columns and rows in job activity, so any activity can be imported, however complex they may be.
  • Defining of additional project parameters – on the project itself are provided fields for record of responsible contractor, head of construction site, sales manager, and any other persons who may be relevant to the project.
  • Ordering and requisition directly from the project plan – we ensured integration with procurement and inventory, so that all actions related to inventory are executed directly from the project plan.
  • Situations – a special part of the module relates to the preparation of temporary and completed situations.
  • Construction journal / book – the possibility of making a construction journal directly from the project is ensured, without the need to create this document manually.

IN2 Lot No. Management Module

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC offers the possibility for tracking item LOT No. and/or serial No, as well as expiration date (sell-by date).  The standard solution covers all inbound and outbound transactions – from the moment item enters the company until it’s sales or consumption.

The IN2 module for Lot No. Management represents an extension of the standard solution with additional options and automation of some steps.

Our module for Lot No. Management offers the following possibilities:

  • LOT tracking is significantly easier since users can enter LOT numbers directly on document lines instead of using Item Tracking Lines form;
  • Usage of FEFO (First Expired, First Out) method is completely covered – the system can suggest LOT numbers for sales based on available inventory and expiration dates;
  • LOT numbers in stock can be reserved for certain customers and/or markets;
  • In addition to LOT numbers and expiration dates, the quality of each LOT number can be tracked as well;
  • Alarms can be set up in the system so that users are notified when a LOT is about to expire;
  • Complete sales breakdown for a LOT in case a LOT needs to be withdrawn;
  • Reports that show inventory aging structure.

IN2 Ticketing Module

IThe IN2 Ticketing Module is intended for all companies with the need for recording and tracking internal or external tasks. These tasks could be a quote request from customers, request for service, requests for repairment, purchase request or help with solving internal (IT) problems…or any other type of tasks.
Our module represents flexible and powerful solutions that support the entire life cycle of a task, regardless of the type and complexity, number of required steps, possible statuses and all other parameters.
All functionalities within IN2 Ticketing Module are integrated with other standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC functionalities. The level of integration mostly depends on the type of task which is recorded. Some of the options are listed below:

  • Service/Maintenance
  • Manufacturing
  • Request for Quote
  • Timesheet

Choose the module that fits your company’s needs.

A team of IN2 experts quickly answers any questions.