Standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV modules

  • Complete control over the financial position of the company
  • Integrating cash flows
  • Ability to work with multiple currencies simultaneously
  • Control over a sales cycle
  • Complete history of all previous customer transactions
  • Effective management of the procurement system
  • Details of each purchase and debt
  • Record all relevant information regarding suppliers, price lists and item catalogs
  • Automated inventory tracking
  • Managing customer requirements
  • Warehouse management and drastic reductions in space of warehouse and warehouse operations
  • Creating production orders
  • Planning and providing resources and capacities
  • Production monitoring of complex products
  • Management of ongoing projects
  • Planning organizational resources
  • Contact management
  • Optimization of marketing activities
  • Market segmentation and better identification of customer needs
  • Improving customer relationships


  • Entering employee data
  • Record of added data
  • Insights into the company’s service activities
  • Simplification of customer request processing
  • Planning and reallocation of available resources
  • Predicting and planning inventory consumption
  • Manage service contracts
  • Expences control
  • Monitoring of service operations
  • Profitability analysis (enterprise as a whole and individual units)
  • Analysis of receivables and payables, as well as due dates
  • Revenue and cost overviews by partners and items
  • Profitability by segment, market, category or project
  • Revenues and payments per salesperson

IN2 company has developed its own – IN2 modules, which are not included in the standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution.

Different business processes need solutions like that. We offer these modules to clients in implementation, and this group includes modules for:

IN2 Payroll module

Payroll calculation modules are generally complex and they differ depending on the market and local regulations, Microsoft does not include them in their standard offer but leaves to partners to develop their own solutions. The IN2 payroll module is a powerful and flexible module that allows payroll automation. Our payroll module provides:

  • Defining all types of employee contracts with specified conditions agreed upon with the employee
  • System records of all important payroll data
  • Simple and intuitive payroll process based on monthly parameters, internal rules and defined contracts parameters
  • Automated calculation of transport costs and other benefits
  • Integrity with the general ledger, in terms of posting and salary pay-out
  • A set of all the necessary forms related to the payroll, transport and other types of income
  • Set of reviews and reports for internal payroll monitoring

IN2 Quality Management module

With IN2 Quality Management module it is possible to implement quality control through the information system, both of finished products and raw materials for manufacturing companies, as well as materials and goods for distribution companies.

The IN2 Quality Management module aims at a systematic record and quality control through Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The module offers possible configuration for desired flows of raw materials, goods and finished products, defining quality control time, responsible persons, documents, tests, conditions for satisfying tests and other possibilities, thus ensuring complete control over raw materials, goods and finished products.

  • Defining the desired stock flows
  • Controlling warehouse activities
  • Controlling pallet positions
  • User rights
  • Tests
  • Generating quality control documents

IN2 Retail module

IN2 has developed a module intended for managing retail outlets through an information system. It offers a set of functionalities that provide automation of retail transactions, facilitate operations and provide all the necessary forms and reports, as well as integration with retail outlet printers. The IN2 retail module provides:

  • Simple interface – within these windows, users simply process daily retail transactions, quickly and without redundant options.
  • Retail outlet monitoring – within the module, intuitive reviews are performed for the state of retail outlets, turnover, inventories and transactions.
  • The possibility to use loyalty cards – within the module, we have predicted different loyalty programs, such as packages, additional discounts, or gifts.
  • Posting of retail sales – we have completely automated transactions posting in retail outlets, given the specificity of this record.
  • Leveling – our Retail module provides complete leveling automation in the case of price change in the object.
  • Daily activities – all activities that are performed in retail outlets (printing of invoices and cash invoices, closing days, turnover record, changing shifts…) are predicted.

IN2 Controlling module

As an activity that has gained an increasingly significant role within companies in the region over the past few years, IN2 has developed its Control module. Although controlling is often identified with monitoring and supervision, the essence of this process is managing a company, and this software can help with this.

The IN2 Controlling module offers a number of intuitive overviews and reports, expanded standard options such as budgeting or predicting cash flows, various system alerts and automated email generation for achieving a better quality of company management. Some of the features of the module are:

  • Scheduled reviews – within our module, we have provided a large number of intuitive overview/worksheets and dashboards, which makes it easy to monitor the company’s position and operations.
  • Improving budgeting – in addition to the standard Microsoft budget options, we have also other options that make this functionality far more complex and powerful.
  • System alerts – within our module, there is a wide range of settings option for system notifications, through an information system or email.

IN2 Transport and mechanization management module

Transport and mechanization management can be a very important activity within the company. Therefore, the functionalities providing system records and process automation in this area are provided within a single module.

The main goal of this module is to record all data that are important for the transport, the planning and implementation of the transport process, as well as for internal or external vehicle maintenance. The possibilities our module offers are:

  • Detailed record of all important transport and mechanization data
  • Integration with fixed assets
  • Integration with sales, procurement and stock modules
  • Planning and distribution of transport
  • Waybill
  • Service
  • Integration with travel orders
  • Automatic notifications and alerts

IN2 Project management module

Microsoft Dynamics NAV system provides a project management module. This module is of a universal character and enables the input, processing and monitoring of all types of projects.

We have worked with companies dealing with project management, implementation and construction, and we have created a specific functional unit that automates these processes, provides additional functionalities and offers reviews and project monitoring reports. Some of the possibilities of the IN2 project module are:

  • Importing bill of quantities  – we have provided a flexible adjustment method that specifies columns and rows arrangement in the bill of quantities, which can be applied to any bill of quantities, no matter how complicated they may be.
  • Defining additional project parameters – in the project itself, fields are provided to record the contractor in charge, construction site manager, sales managers, and all other persons that may be relevant to the project.
  • Ordering and requisition directly from the project card – integration with procurement and inventory is provided so that all related activities are executed directly from the project card.
  • Situations – a special part of the module refers to production of a temporary and terminated situation.
  • Construction log – it is possible to create a construction log directly from the project, without having to manually create this document.

IN2 LOT management module

Microsoft Dynamics NAV standardly provides the ability to manage inventories by LOTs and serial numbers, as well by the expiration date. The standard solution provides the ability to monitor inventory transactions from the moment of entry to the moment of exit from the status.

The IN2 LOT management module is the extended version of the standard module, in that it enriches the standard module with additional options and automatics. Within our module we have done the following:

  • Facilitated LOT manipulation, enabling input directly to document rows
  • Automated the process of selecting LOTs according to the FEFO method
  • Provided blocking LOTs for any reason
  • Allow LOTs to be reserved by buyers and/or markets
  • Added the possibility of defining LOT quality
  • Provided inventory reports according to the expiration date (age structure)
  • Provided an overview of LOTs to customers, due to the possible withdrawal of LOTs from the market
  • Provided automatic alarms when LOT approached the expiration date

IN2 Ticketing module

The IN2 Ticketing module is intended for all companies that need to record and monitor internal and external requests. These may be requests for bidding by customers, requests for service or other interventions, requests for service implementation, procurement requests or solutions to an internal (IT) problem, or any other type of request.

Within this module, we have developed a flexible and powerful solution that follows the entire lifecycle of a single request, regardless of its type, complexity, the number of steps in its processing, its status, and all other parameters of the request.

The functionality of the IN2 Ticketing Module is strongly integrated with other standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV features. The integration depends largely on the type of recorded requests. Below are some of their possibilities:

  • Service/Maintenance
  • Production
  • Offer request
  • Time record

Choose a module that suits your company's needs.

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