We can customize and enhance your existing solution or build new, innovative applications that improve productivity and efficiency.

Software developement

The main activity of the IN2 Group is the development of information systems for solving various business problems, both by implementing standard solutions of the world’s leading manufacturers and by integrating mutually unrelated applications into a single system, and by creating customized solutions according to user specifications.

IN2 Belgrade has a decades-long experience in developing web and mobile applications as extensions to business information systems. Our task is to find a quality balance between open-source and vendor technologies, in order to find an optimal technological solution and optimize client investments for such systems. We develop native and hybrid applications for Android and iOS platforms and web applications using a tech stack that supports Java and Microsoft tools, as well as internationally recognized deployment and implementation standards.

Web Development

Does your business need a web application? Our team will analyze your business system, come up with a conceptual design, implement the application, and provide complete documentation for the solution. Also, within this service, we train your employees to work with and maintain the application.

We closely follow industrial standards, both in the technologies used and the tools. The development is based on three technological stacks: two vendors ones, Oracle and Microsoft, and open-source. The complete development path is supported by CI (Continuous Integration) and CD (Continuous Delivery) access.

Our team of motivated software engineers are creating the highest quality software based on the latest technological advances. Our focus is on creating an environment in which our staff will fully develop your idea. With our qualified software engineers involved in each phase of the project, we guarantee a timely development of your product.

Mobile Development

In today’s world, where there are five times more mobile devices than computers, companies worldwide are preparing for the challenge of total mobility. Our software mobile application engineers are creating and developing programs for smartphones and other mobile devices. They specialize in design necessary for small-screen devices, touchscreen interaction, energy-saving and saving of processor time, multimedia content and programming within various mobile operating systems.

In addition to a wide range of software development services, we are also developing mobile applications for the iOS and Android platform, which are today’s market-leading applications. IN2’s team of experts is able to rapidly develop and deliver a quality mobile application., with the highest development standards being applied. In addition to mobile application development,  we also offer the service of upgrading your existing business systems so they can be used via mobile applications.

Android applications

The smartphone market has become a huge and robust ecosystem encompassing the entire planet, and Android has become the leading smartphone platform. Suck a huge market and such an immense number of users is the most attractive channel for presenting products and services. IN2 can develop Android applications of different levels of complexity for smart phones and tablets including their integration with social networks, Google Maps, geolocation, mobile game development, analytics, etc.

iOS applications

Apple has undoubtedly set the standards for portable devices. Customers around the world have welcomed its simple interface, unique design and its stability. Therefore, it goes without saying that developing applications for iPhone mobile devices has become an imperative for companies that want to build strong and relevant connections with their users. Creating an iOS app, be it for iPhone or iPad, will help you raise awareness of your brand as well as provide quality customer service by generating more sales and revenues. Our primary motive is to design and develop high quality, efficient and stable applications through careful design, development and testing to give their users a highly applicable application for their Apple devices.

Custom Development Solutions

Custom Development solutions make up the most of IN2 Group’s reference projects. They are made according to user requirements and the specifics of business processes they support. IN2 has developed a series of custom solutions for individual users, implemented its customized business processes with users from different market segments and developed standard partner solutions according to specific user needs. From the very beginning, our team, together with the client, is actively involved in planning and designing the best possible solution, both in a functional and visual sense. For each project, new teams of experts are formed from various IT fields with the specific knowledge necessary for carrying out a project.

Through many years of experience, experts from IN2 have gained knowledge of business processes from different business areas, which helps us understand and optimize the business process automation. In addition to the requirements themselves, we also thoroughly analyze client’s business needs in order to ensure that the information system is built up in such a way as to meet them. Our solutions are based on using the full potential of modern technologies in order to implement technically complex systems through elegant and intuitive solutions with less costly development and maintenance.

Application integration

Complex and diverse information systems, which we often find in the user’s infrastructure, regularly require some form of merging between specific parts of the system. Having in mind a wide variety of data, document formats and protocols used,  it is clear that task of system integration is perhaps the most demanding technological process that requires significant knowledge of business as well as long-term experience of information technology implementation.

IN2 Group has gathered its knowledge and experience of integrating information systems in a set of its own information services, called INBiz2. It is a business-technology system based on Microsoft Biz Talk Server as an integration platform. In addition, IN2 also uses the VSO2 enterprise platform.

Quality assurance

New technologies and tools undoubtedly lead to higher software development speeds, so software quality is often called into question, which is frequently the result of neglecting software testing. Therefore, important software errors are detected late, and the costs of correcting the errors, and the software development itself, dramatically increase and sometimes exceed the costs of continuous and timely testing.

With many years of software development for our customers behind us, we have gained a lot of experience and knowledge in development methodologies, testing process, different types and techniques of testing on different technologies and platforms. Inspired by the excellent results of our projects and customer satisfaction, we decided to round off our offer in this area. The testing center aims to expand the positive trend of quality care and offer quality outsourcing services – testing to all interested partners.

QA services

Quality management is a comprehensive process of testing and achieving product quality. The process starts with defining a complete testing methodology, and continues with the analysis of user requirements, defining a test plan, test cases and test scenarios, test data to the performance of the tests themselves, reporting errors, and generating test reports.

  • Quality Management
  • Developing a formal specification request and performing UAT tests
  • Checking process compliance and documentation with standards
  • Consulting and education
  • Performance testing
  • Safety test
  • Testing the user interface
  • Integration testing

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